How do online classes work?

Although a headset it not required for our classes, many students prefer to use one.  If desired, we will provide you with a high quality USB headset, prior to the class start. Our training staff will ask you about a headset once you have scheduled a class.  Of course you must register at least 5 days prior to class start to allow for shipping of the headset.

All of our course materials are delivered via an online link and can usually be downloaded as a PDF or ePUB document.  You will receive a link to the class course materials within 24 hours of the class start.  

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How can I access the course materials?

All of our online classes are delivered via Skype For Business. This is tool is accessed directly via an on-line URL, no software installation is necessary.  If you already have Skype For Business installed, that is a plus.  Once registered for a class, we will arrange for an online test of your setup, well in advance of the class start.  We will provide you with a high-quality USB headset prior to the start of the class, in some cases.

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Do I need a headset?
Can I download the excercises for use later?

All of the examples and class exercises will be available to you for download at any time, during or after the class.

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Once you have attended one of our classes, you may re-take the class, anytime it is being run, for free.  It is our goal that students get the most benefit from the courses they attend.  Sometimes may find it helpful to sit through a class, for a second time, to reinforce skills and concepts.  We encourage this and welcome anyone to re-take a class whenever they wish.

Can I re-take the class?

Most of our classes start at 10AM EST and run until 5PM EST.  However, due to the time-zone makeup of the students, this may change to accommodate students in more western time zones, as appropriate.  We prefer that our students are comfortable in our classes and try to avoid extremely early start times for those in PST when we can.

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What time does the class start?
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What is the refund policy?

For a refund of payment for a class for any reason, notification must be sent by email to: sales@signzillatraining.com seven (7) calendar days before the start of the class.  If notification is sent less than seven calendar days, refunds are at the discretion of Signzilla Training’s management.


It is the responsibility of the student to correctly connect to the provided meeting. Signzilla Training will provide the opportunity to test a meeting connection with the student, prior to class start, to ensure the  connection will work on the day of class. If needed, and with time permitting, Signzilla Training will provide a headset to the student to facilitate the connection to the online meeting. Signzilla Training is not responsible for hardware, software or network failures at the student’s location.  Should the student be unable to attend the meeting, the student will be rescheduled for a subsequent class, no compensation will be available due to technical issues, other than rescheduling.